Monday, January 25, 2010


What do you follow up a post about insomnia with? A post about coffee of course! I am in need of a new coffee maker, I've been making due with Starbucks VIA packets which are not going to cut it for very long. Here's some coffee pots I've got my eye on:

{one, two, three, four, five}

I also have a sketch to post today! Crazy right?

I love sketching, but I have a hard time doing it because it's not "perfect" so one of my goals (and a goal of the blog) is do at least one sketch, drawing, doodle, whatever a week, and post it with no shame for it not being perfect.

So here you have it:

It came out a little dark. But that's just how I like my coffee :) How do you take your coffee?

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