Monday, February 8, 2010

Tick Tock

This weekend/today went by very fast for me! The Antique Fair in Alameda was yesterday. The weather was nice and sunny and there was more people there than I expected on Superbowl Sunday.

I managed to get out of there having only bought a couple of things, even though there was a lot of stuff I wish I could have bought.

One of my favorite vendors is
Big Daddy's Antiques , I loved most of the things at their booth. They have a lot of amazing industrial pieces, accessories, and custom made furniture. The first three pictures are from Big Daddy's:

{I love the color of this glass}

{Cool printed burlap pillows}

{I need these drawer pulls with letters on them!}

{Who doesn't love a flowered pig?}

{One of the prettiest globes I've seen}

{Even the loading carts are pretty!}

{I bought this for $15, the guy said it was part of a clock originally.}

I also had fun hanging out with friends and watching the Superbowl. Now I've got to get caught up on my to do list for this week that I already feel a little behind on. Time flies...

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  1. I love that clock's part. It would make a great mantle piece!